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July 28 - August 7, 2009 with Rachel Bowditch

at the Dell'arte School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California.

Rasaboxes training combines classical Indian ideas about acting and emotion, contemporary theories of emotion coming from psychology and neurobiology, and twentieth century French theorist Antonin Artaud’s demand that actors be “athletes of the emotions.” The sanskrit rasa means juice, flavor, essence, and it describes the energetic transmission which is “tasted” both by actor/dancer and spectator in performance. Rasa refers to specific emotional states that are embodied and conveyed through gesture, facial expression and other codified modes of performance. The rasaboxes allow performers to develop unique ways to physically and vocally embody the eight rasas outlined in the Natyasastra: raudra (rage); bhayanaka (fear); vira (courage); sringara (love); bibhatsa (disgust); hasya (laughter); karuna (grief); and adbhuta (wonder) and to learn to apply the rasas to work with objects, texts, dialogues, and finally to mix and layer them, creating complex combinations of rasas. These modes become the basis not only for ongoing training but also for script analysis, scene and character work, performance composition, and performance preparation.


The House of the Spirits by Caridad Svich (adapted from Isabel Allende’s novel) ASU Galvin Playhouse, 2012. Two-day intensive with cast. 

THP 519: Directing New Works at ASU. Taught as part of the MFA acting, directing, and design curriculum every three years. A three class introduction.

THP 494: Devising Theatre at ASU. Taught as part of the curriculum to undergraduates and graduates each semester.

Bone Portraits by Deborah Stein. ASU Galvin Playhouse, 2009. Two-day intensive with cast.

Dell'arte two-week Rasaboxes Summer Intensive. Dell'arte International School of Physical Theatre, Blue Lake California. July-August 2009. Invited.

M.O.V.E. Movement. Observation. Vision. Experimentation. Arizona Laboratory for Movement Research Winter Intensive. Founder and Co-organizer with Sara Romersberger and the Association of Theatre Movement Educators (ATME).

M.O.V.E. January 2010. A one-week movement intensive combining Lecoq Clown taught by David Gaines, Margolis Method taught by Kari Margolis, and Rasaboxes taught by Rachel Bowditch.

M.O.V.E January 2009. A one-week movement intensive combining Lloyd Williamson Period Salon taught by Deborah Robertson, Lecoq training taught by Sara Romersberger, and Rasaboxes taught by Rachel Bowditch. 

Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka. ASU Galvin Playhouse, 2008. Two-day intensive with cast.

East Coast Artists Three-Week Intensive. New York University, New York. July 2007. Co-taught with Michele Minnick and Fernando Cazadilla.

Machinal by Sophie Treadwell. ASU Galvin Playhouse, 2007. Two-day intensive with cast.

Rasaboxes and Lecoq Actor Training. Flagstaff, Arizona. 2006.Trained Theatrikos Theatre Company.

Two-Day Intensive for the MFA Acting Cohort. Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ . October 2007.

Arizona Thespian Conference. 3-hour intensive . Phoenix, Arizona. November 2006.

East Coast Artists. Three-Week Intensive. New York University, New York. July 2006. Assisted with Michele Minnick and Marissa Copeland.

Performance Studies International # 10. Singapore. June 2004. Co-taught with Paula Murray Cole.

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