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Multi-media Performance Installation

Transfix at Imperial Dunes, Februray 2010. Performed by Anne Waring, Philip Zisman, Aaron Wester, Stacey Sotosky, Nick Broderick, Erica Majtenyi, Rachel Bowditch and Logan Phillips. Photograph by Chris Loomis.

by Vessel
Monorchid Gallery, April 2nd 2010
in collaboration with Verbobala, SonicAnta, Chris Loomis, Saskia Jorda, Simon De Aguero, and the PHX Fringe Festival
April 2nd 2010

The retrospective featured photographs and a live video remix by Adam Cooper-Terán (Verbobala), live sound sculpture by Glenn Weyant, a live remix of T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland by Logan Phillips, installation art by Saskia Jorda and Simon De Aguero from Taliesin West and the live performance of Transfix.

Transfix is an on-going interactive, silent performance that transforms urban architecture into a poetic theatrical landscape. Performers break out of the traditional theatre arena into a public space where the audience becomes part of the performance, coming and going as they please. Weaving in and around urban architectural spaces and spectators, we transform the street into a stage, revealing the poetry and beauty of the mundane. Transfix is a collaborative, interactive urban intervention where the passerby, not expecting to see a performance stops in their tracks, transfixed.

Directed/Conceived by Rachel Bowditch

Photography by Chris Loomis

A Spoken Remix of T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland by Logan Phillips

Live Video by Adam Cooper-Terán

Sound Sculpture by Glenn Weyant (SonicAnta)

Sculpture Installation by Simon De Aguero

'Escaping White' Ladder Installation by Saskia Jorda

Imperial Dunes Video by Alex Oliszewski

Sedona Video by Jacob Pinholster

Lighting Design by Tedy Isaacks


Performed by Rachel Bowditch, Lea Bender, Logan Phillips, Adam Cooper-Terán, Glenn Weyant (SonicAnta), Jenea Sanchez, Kyle Wills, Erica Majtenyi, Kate Kugler, Laura Miner, Jamie Haas, Michael Thompson, and Katie Kotulak.


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