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The House of the Spirits

Caridad Svich’s The House of the Spirits is a poetic adaptation of Chilean author Isabel Allende’s haunting historical novel about the Trueba family spanning four generations embedded within the post-colonial social and political turmoil of a South American country. While Allende is Chilean, she does not specify the setting as Chile—by locating the story nowhere places it everywhere. The play follows the intricate story of the Trueba family, situated within a dictatorship and the often forgotten history of the “disappeared”—those who fought the regime or protested were forcibly removed from their homes, tortured and often killed. Our multi-leveled layered set incorporated multi-media projections that allowed the actors to move within a labyrinth of memory and time like a faded sepia photograph.  In order to convey the journey through fifty years of history from the 1920s to the 1970s through design, I juxtaposed the stark reality of documentary images from the Junta and the devastation of the earthquake as well as the poetic visual world of the characters and supernatural landscapes of Allende’s imagination. This dark, poetic story incorporates elements of magic realism while exploring the depths of the human spirit.

Directed by Rachel Bowditch
Scenic Design by  Brunella Provvidente
Costume Design by Anastasia Schneider
Lighting Design by  Anthony Jannuzzi
Sound Design by  Jason M. Stahl
Composed by Andrea Silkey and Caridad Svich
Media Design by Alex Oliszewski
Fight Choreography by David Barker
Vocal Coaching by Micha Espinosa
Dramaturgy by  Nestor Bravo Goldsmith
Stage Management by Jenissa Yauney


Marcelino Quiñonez, Shay Webster,  Julie Rada, Meg Sullivan, Chelsea Pace, Sabrina S. Scott, Erica Ocegueda, Rina Hajra, Myrissa Jeppson,
 Tyler Eglen, Adriano Cabral, Jeremy Gillett, Brandon Johnson, and Maxx Schau.



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