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A New Site-Specific Work by Vessel
Following in the footsteps of Transfix, an atmospheric theatre performance, Spectrum surprises and delights audiences transforming the street into a stage, revealing the poetry and beauty of the mundane. Adorned in every color of the spectrum, performers playfully weave in and out of audiences and public space creating a visual kaleidoscope .

Mesa Festival of Creativity. Commissioned by Mesa Art Center. March 2012.

Performed by David Starry, Stacey Sotosky, Kate Kugler, Matt Watkins, Tim Sorek, and Shay Webster.

Spectrum: Sunset Ritual and Community Waterfall
The Soleri Bridge Official Dedication Ceremony
Scottsdale, Arizona
Commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art December 2010.

On Saturday, December 11, 2010, downtown Scottsdale held an official dedication of Paolo Soleri's first completed bridge. Over a thousand people joined Scottsdale Major Jim Lane. With Vessel, I directed a Community Waterfall (with 50 community delegates) and an atmospheric performance Spectrum with 12 performers.

On Friday evening, Spectrum performers ritualistically extracted 50 buckets of water from the canal over three hours to be used for the community waterfall at solar noon the following day. The Soleri Bridge and Plaza was a joint City of Scottsdale Capital Improvement Project and Scottsdale Public Arts commission funded in part by Starwood Capital Group and Golub & Company, Ground Up Development Services and Salt River Project.


Performed by Jamie Sandomire, Kristina Serna, Grace Rolland, Portia Beacham, Rachel Bowditch, David Starry, Drew Ignatowski, Laine Nelson, Matt Watkins, Logan Phillips, Abraham Ntonya, and Katie Kotulak.

Night Acts 2 ASU Art Museum
Tempe, Arizona
February 2009

Performed by Rachel Bowditch, Kate Kuglar, Michael Thompson, Kelsi Zahl, Adam Pinti, Courtenay Cholovich, Sara Schwabe, Anne Waring, Aaron Wester,  Erica Maytenyi, Portia Beacham, Kristina Serna, and Jamie Sandomire. Photographed by John Tzelepis.

2008 Phoenix Fringe Festival
Spectrum Premiere
First Friday, Phoenix
May 2008





Performed by Rachel Bowditch, Kate Kuglar, Kyle Wills, Anne Waring, Aaron Wester, Brittany Roa, Philip Zisman, Valerie Vasilas, Erica Maytenyi, Nick Broderick, Brent Davis, Kristina Serna, and Natalie Schmidt. Photographed by John Tzelepis.

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